IT training for W/African health unions

A 3-day capacity-building workshop was organised for education and communication officers of the West African Health Sector Unions Network (WAHSUN) member-unions at Tema, Ghana from October 27 to October 30. The training programme was aimed at strengthening the use of new communication technologies, including the social media for organisational development and campaigns at both the sub-regional and national levels.

Participants were taken through the intricacies of effectively using the social media, including twitter, facebook, google+ and blogs for organising and campaign.

The PSI Ebola Response Strategy was equally discussed and it was agreed upon that there is a close correlation between the spread and ability to contain such epidemics as the Ebola Virus Disease and the quality of national health systems. In the light of this, it was considered apt for WAHSUN to campaign for quality health for all in West Africa.

The demands of the campaign would include implementation of the Abuja Declaration of 15% budgetary provision for health issued by African Heads of State and concrete commitments by the governments in West Africa to Universal Health Coverage.

The recommendations of the workshop will be presented to the WAHSUN Plenary Session at Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire next month.

Participants at the workshop came from Burkina Faso, Ghana, Nigeria and Togo.